• Financial Conflict Coach Show #13 – Financial Planning, Personality And Being A Landlord! An Interview with Dominique Brown From Your Finances Simplified.

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    In this 13th Episode of the Financial Conflict Coach Show, I interview Dominique Brown from Your Finances Simplified and DNB Financial Planning.

    Some of the topics in today’s episode:

    • Financial Planning
    • Personal Conflict Styles
    • Communication about Money
    • Owning Rental Properties
    • Dealing With Section 8 Tenants
    • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test
    • and more

    Can’t see the video? Watch it on Spreecast.

    So the questions for today- Have you ever had a financial conflict with a landlord or, if you own rental properties, with a tenant? Leave your stories and comments below!

    Thanks again to Dominique for sharing so much during the interview!

    Check out Dominique’s website- Your Finances Simplified.

    Follow him on Twitter- @URFinanceSimple.


    If you have comments, questions, topic ideas or guest suggestions for future episodes of the Financial Conflict Coach Show, leave them in the comments below, email me- coach AT financialconflictcoach DOT com or contact me through Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for watching!

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